Transparency and trust are two things that we care about. That’s why we’ve created these guides for you, allowing you to plan out your next project.

Our informative PDFs are full of substrate specifications and substrate preparation processes that aid all aspects of your project. Each substrate has its own PDF, where you can learn everything you need to know about working with this type of resource.

While the information given here offers an approximation of the sum required, you’re more than welcome to request a detailed quote.

What’s the cost of rendering a house in Australia?

As with all building and construction projects, there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to pricing. Quotes for protecting your home depends on the surface area to be covered, and the substrate onto which layers are applied.

We aim to provide you with high-quality plastering systems that offer value above all else. The professional products we provide leave behind a perfectly set surface that not only looks great but also keeps structures well protected from the harsh Australian elements, keeping your home healthy and looking great.

With coloured acrylic options alongside standard plastering work, there are plenty of stylish variations to choose from. Get a better idea of the up-front investment required in our substrate specification guides and preparation documents, or give us a call for a more detailed insight.

Looking to render your home? Check out our pricing guide now

The cost of rendering a house is generally based on the total square meters of the surface area. The price is also influenced by a number of other factors including various brick types, accessibility, narrow widths, areas requiring protection, height, and more.

The price guides below are based on average jobs for your reference.