Cement Renders

MR Fine

RSA MR Fine render is a noncombustible, pre-bonded (10% wet bond equivalent), polymer modified, cement-based render that only requires the addition of potable water. It meets Australian Standards in combustibility for construction materials and is fully compliant with and certified to AS1530.1.

MR Fine render is an off-white base and quite water resistant thereby reducing the possibility of efflorescence. It has a 90-120 minute set time and provides outstanding properties for the addition of further coatings such as paint and texture.

  • Suitable for machine or hand application
  • Provides a non ‘tacky’ formulation for easier application
  • Provides an extended ‘hang time’ for greater productivity and high early hardness
  • Has great ‘straightening qualities’ and offers tear
    resistant screedability
  • Possesses excellent ‘come back’ qualities for easy
    floating and finishing
  • Fully compliant with AS1530.1 as a non-combustible
    building material
  • Clay Bricks
  • Off-form Concrete
  • Concrete Blocks
  • Concrete Slab-Edge

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