Protective Coatings


RSA Cleanskin is a water based and clear acrylic resin that can be applied over tinted RSA texture systems. It can be applied to numerous substrate types to offer long lasting protection against moisture and grime.

Cleanskin is extremely durable and tough, whilst being easy to clean. It is weather resistant, ensuring that tinted surfaces do not retain moisture, staining or deterioration from wet weather.

  • Increases moisture resistance properties as part of a full acrylic system
  • Assists with sealing RSA texture systems
  • Micro crack and alkali resistant
  • Superior flow, leveling and wet edge properties
  • Weather resistant protective coating that has excellent abrasion resistance
  • Non-flammable
  • Fibre cement sheeting
  • EP rendered expanded polystyrene systems
  • AAC Hebel
  • Tilt panel concrete
  • Correctly rendered masonry

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