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Cement Renders

Cement Renders

Whether you are renovating or building your next project, Render Systems Australia high performance renders and coatings provide durable and attractive surfaces on an extensive range of substrates. Download our full product range guide here.

Superior Levels Of Finish

RSA provide renders which can be applied over a variety of substrates including brick, blocks, fibre cement sheeting and polystyrene. We also recommend experienced applicators who have been trained to apply and finish each job to a specific RSA ‘Level of Finish’. This ultimately guarantees that your job is prepared, applied and finished to a high standard and that issues such as cracking, lifting and discoloration will not occur soon after the work is completed.

RSA MR 60 Masonry Render is a polymer modified cement based renders suitable for use over masonry surfaces with 60 minute working time.

RSA MR 75 Masonry Render is a polymer modified cement based render suitable for use over masonry surfaces with 75 minute working time.

RSA MR 120 Masonry Render is a polymer modified cement based render suitable for use over masonry surfaces with 120 minute working time.

RSA Masonry Render Coarse is a polymer modified cement render generally used where a coarse grain of finish is required to assist in disguising substrate irregularities.

RSA EP Render – Grey has a dual binding system that is perfectly suited for use over RSA approved polystyrene & AAC building systems.

RSA EP Render – Off-White is a pre-bonded, polymer modified cement render particularly suitable for polystyrene building systems.

RSA AAC Supa Flex has been developed to deal with the characteristics of light weight cementitious substrates. Suitable for interior and exterior use. The render can also be floated and sponged to an attractive sandcoat finish.

RSA LitePak Render is a cement based combined dry powder render for pumpable spray machines or trowel applications of one or two coats over new and old brick, cement block, rough brickwork or for filling in rake joins with thicker layers of render. RSA LitePak Render is also an excellent choice for “packing out” slab edges. RSA LitePak Render can be trowelled in layers of up to 15mm over concrete blockwork and new and old brickwork.

RSA Set and Prep is a multipurpose polymer modified cement based building adhesive for the installation of RSA approved render beads and trims, as a key coat for low suction substrates, and as a jointing compound over F.C. Sheeting in conjunction with RSA Flexirender and/or acrylic textures at a minimum thickness of 2mm.

CCS BondKey is manufactured by the makers of Render Systems Australia. BondKey is a pre-mixed slurry bond coat, containing specifically designed polymer additives, specialised cements and various graded sands and aggregates. This product is specifically designed to ensure a superior bond when applying cement based renders to a variety of substrates.



Why Use an Acrylic Texture over Render?

While cement render is an attractive, modern coating for any residential or commercial building, all cement renders are prone to hairline cracking and white marks called efflorescence (the white staining caused by lime seeping through the cement).

To overcome this and to prolong the ‘attractive look’ and life of the render, it is often overcoated with a contemporary, flexible, acrylic texture which creates a better looking finish, protects the render and most importantly, minimises unsightly cracking.

RSA Acrylic Textures are easy to apply and have been specifically designed to bond extremely well to all cement and acrylic renders. Their flexibility enables them to accommodate the daily stresses of cement render – caused by expansion and contraction from temperature changes.

RSA Acrylic Textures will withstand the normal rigours of modern construction methods and protect against water, dirt, salt and alkali attack and will not crack under normal circumstances.

RSA Flexible Mineral Texture is final coating texture finish in a bag. Developed for application by hand, RSA Flexible Mineral Texture is suitable for use over a range of substrates. RSA Flexible Mineral Texture has been developed to deal with the increased movement associated with Polystyrene and Fibre Cement substrates.

RSA Polysand 800 (LB, MB, UDB) is an acrylic based, stone enhanced product designed for use over RSA rendered substrates including fibre cement sheeting. Polysand 800 is suitable for tinting and available in three bases depending on the colour chosen.

RSA Polysand Fine (LB) is an acrylic based, stone enhanced product designed for use over RSA rendered substrates including fibre cement sheeting. Polysand 800 is suitable for tinting and available in three bases depending on the colour chosen.

RSA Trowel On 2mm is an acrylic based, stone enhanced product which provides a vertical travertine or random swirl scratch coat.

RSA Flexirender (untinted) is a unique high quality acrylic based sand enhanced product particularly suitable for F.C. Sheeting, previously painted surfaces and other correctly prepared surfaces. Flexirender is a high build flexible render that can be used as both a base coat and a finishing coat.

RSA Textureit Roll-On-Coating is a low to medium profile, roll on granular coating, designed to be applied with a roller. It can be tinted and can provide an attractive finish on correctly prepared domestic and commercial, exterior and interior wall surfaces.

Protective Coatings

Protective Coatings

To complement our render and texture range and enhance our complete System offering, Render Systems Australia offer a range of superior performing protective coatings suitable for a number of different applications.

All RSA Protective Coatings:

  • Are highly flexible
  • Offer excellent adhesion to all correctly prepared substrates
  • Provide exceptional flow capabilities for easier application and a better finish
  • Are suitable for interior or exterior use as a top coat
  • Provide excellent levelling and wet edge properties
  • Offer a tough, durable, weather resistant protective coating
  • Result in a hard wearing, easy to clean finish
  • Are micro crack and mould resistant

RSA Rapid Shield Matt (LB, MB, UDB) is a high performance, 100% pure acrylic, exterior protective coating suitable for over coating both RSA Masonry Renders and Acrylic Textures. It helps to mask irregularities in the finished textures, and has the added benefit of ‘self-priming’ to greatly improve application efficiencies. Rapid Shield Matt is suitable for tinting and available in three bases depending on the colour chosen.

RSA Cleanskin is a water based, clear acrylic coating which provides a durable finish over RSA Bling texture coatings for ease of cleaning and maintenance and assists in evening the appearance of the surface where required.

Primers, Sealers and Patches

Primers, Sealers & Patches

RSA offer a full range of Primers, Sealers and Patches for a wide range of substrates.

RSA Patch Smooth is designed to fill defects in concrete & masonry surfaces & is primarily used as a ‘filler’ prior to the application of protective coating systems. Patch Smooth is highly sand-able and is an excellent smooth uniform foundation for sealer and protective coatings.

RSA Patch Coarse is an alternative patching compound for F.C. Sheeting joints where the subsequent acrylic coating will achieve less than 2mm thickness. The product can be used to patch minor irregularities in concrete surfaces. Patch Coarse is not sand-able.

RSA Patch Fine is is typically used to set and ‘feather out’ in-situ formwork joints and / or fill blow holes and minor imperfections (1.5mm or less) prior to the application of a roll-on texture or spray-on texture finishes and systems over in-situ formwork.

RSA Render Bond is commonly used to prime porous bricks, blocks & AAC Hebel (essential) prior to the application of render coats. Can be added to render mixes for greater adhesive strength where required.

RSA Multi Prime (WB, UDB) is a multipurpose water borne acrylic based primer with high alkali resistance & anti-efflorescent properties. Multi Prime is grit enhanced to provide a better key and adhesion to relevant surfaces and RSA acrylic Textures and Coatings. Multi Prime is suitable for tinting and available in two bases depending on the colour chosen. It is a key component to RSA Bling Systems.

RSA QT Lite Base is a flexible, high build levelling coat requiring no floating and is recommended for Autoclaved Aerated Concrete panels (AAC) and suitable for a range of other substrates including FC Sheeting (Blue Board), AFS and Ritek.

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