Frequently asked questions

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What is rendering?

Rendering is the application of a cement based, acrylic modified render coating to interior or exterior substrates on existing or new buildings. It provides a flat finished surface, prior to applying texture or paint.

What is a texture?

A texture is an acrylic coating containing various grades of sand which can be tinted to your colour choice. Different textures are available and each one provides a different finish depending on sand grade, such as fine or coarse. The textures can be applied using different methods including trowelling brushing or rolling.

Where are RSA products made?

Render Systems Australia is an Australian family-owned company. It is a part of the River Sands Pty Ltd group and have been based south of Brisbane for over 12 years.

Where can I purchase Render Systems Australia products?

Here at RSA, we manufacture a large range of rendering products to fulfill all your needs. We have a large range of stockists available across Australia. Contact us here if you need any help with a recommended applicator.

What colour range is available at RSA

Here at RSA, we have a digital colour card that is indicative only available to download. If you wish to request a true-to-life colour card, contact us here.

Is render waterproof?

Render itself is not waterproof. However, all RSA renders offer great water resistance properties when they are top coated with RSA textures or protective coatings. This will provide the surface with greater water resistance. It is for this reason that it is suggested to topcoat RSA renders with a coating of RSA texture and a protective coating, like RSA Rapid Shield Matt.

Does acrylic render and texture last very long?

Render has a long life span of up to 20 years plus when a specified system is correctly applied.

What maintenance is required on rendered/textured surfaces?

Render/texture has a very low maintenance requirement. A light clean with a low pressure water blaster every few years, if required, is all that is necessary.

Will adding render and texture increase the value of my home?

Rendering your house exterior is an extremely cost-effective way to modernise and add value to your home. Many renovation and property experts believe that for every $1 spent on rendering the outside the value can easily increase by $3 to $5. Spend $10,000 and increase your home value by $30,000 to $50,000.

How do I go about selecting a suitable renderer for my project?

Firstly, it is important to engage with licensed and qualified tradespersons. Secondly, we suggest obtaining 2-3 written quotes and to understand exactly what you will be getting for comparison. Some important points to ask the renderer are:

  • What brand of products do they intend to use? Will the same brand be used for each coat applied? The same brand of products should be used for a render system to ensure a warranty from the product manufacturer. Using different brands for each coat will void a manufacturer’s material warranty.
  • Are they using a specified system provided by the product manufacturer? Using a specified system ensures a proper finish.
  • What is the system of products, how many coats of each product will be applied? It is important that the recommended system from the product manufacturer is followed to ensure a long lasting and robust finish.
  • What warranty does the renderer offer for the application/labour component of the job? The renderer should warrant his application.
  • Are they using beads for corners? Using beads ensures good straight corners are achieved wherever a corner exists.
  • How long will the job take to complete and how many days will they be on site?

Do RSA products come with a warranty?

When you select or specify RSA products, you can be sure that the products stand the test of time. We provide a full coating system guarantee, ensuring aesthetic performance and longevity of all of our products over correctly applied substrates. Contact us for a copy of the RSA Coating System Warranty.