Technical information

Render Systems Substrate Specifications

At RSA we know that applying render to different substrates requires specialised treatment to ensure a successful outcome.

Combining the expertise of our R&D department with the hands on experience of our technical and support team has resulted in the development of the following specifications. Select each substrate below and download the appropriate system guide.

Following these system guidelines will ensure a successful, attractive and durable result for years to come. If your project requires special consideration, please contact our friendly technical team for advice on 1800 077 744.

Applying render

Ensuring that your final product is even and set is key to achieving an appealing, well-protected home. The real work starts even before any formulations are applied, paving the way to excellent results that last for years on end. Each medium has its own requirements when it comes to preparation. With the right pre-care our RSA products can truly shine, covering your home’s interiors or exteriors with high-quality plaster that adds to its appeal. Find out what you can do to maximise the performance of your new builds and renovations, allowing you to enjoy the benefits far into the future.

Prep for excellence

Being informed is key to achieving a high-quality finish on projects. To help you understand which products pair best with the exposed material, we’ve put together handy, clear guides that aid in planning out projects. To get a sense of the methodology used, simply select the substrate you’re working with and find material information detailing surface prep and more. You’ll also find examples of RSA applied to finished projects under the relevant section. Descriptions are available for common surfaces used in Australia, including:
  • Masonry brick & block
  • FC - Fibre Cement Sheeting
  • EPS - Expanded polystyrene
  • PC Sheet
  • PVC
  • (AAC)Autoclaved Aerated Concrete
  • Concrete
Match the guide to the material you’re working with and learn what it takes to create a high-quality finish. If you have any questions about technical data or projects, don’t hesitate to contact our support team. Our expertise in rendering spans across all Australian environments, from humid Northern Queensland to Victoria.