We believe that living and working spaces can be created in an attractive, functional and sustainable way.
Our team constantly strives to provide optimal solutions that create value, a better built environment and enhanced living outcomes.
We commit to excellence in product quality, service and delivery to assist our customers in meeting their growth and performance objective.

History & Experience

Render Systems Australia is owned by River Sands Pty Ltd, a Brisbane based manufacturer of cement based products and renders, established since 1974 and also one of the privately owned Neumann Group of Companies.

Together through the knowledge of our highly experienced sales team combined with the technical capabilities of River Sands, we are committed to providing the highest quality wall render, textured coating and paint product solutions available to the construction market.

Render Systems Australia (RSA) manufacture and supply pre-formulated wall renders, textured coatings and paint products for a variety of substrates including brick, block, polystyrene (EPS), AAC panels and blocks, AFS, Ritek, fibre cement sheeting and concrete walling, with deliveries and distributors available Australia wide.

Features of an RSA Finish

  • Step by step guidelines and specifications provided to applicators from preparation to finish
  • Premium products are created from our company owned sand plants
  • Superior performing products and systems from a proven manufacturer of renders
  • Technical support for applicators and specifiers
  • Full system warranty provided
  • Our renders and textured coatings cater to an extensive range of substrates and finishes

RSA Coating System Warranty

When you choose or specify Render Systems Australia products you can be certain that they will stand the test of time.

RSA provide a full coating system guarantee – ensuring that the aesthetic performance and longevity of our products is assured over each suitable substrate.

Contact Us for a copy of the RSA Coating System Warranty.


When choosing a protective coating for application over any EPS substrate, the colour section must achieve a Light Reflectance Value (LRV) of greater than or equal to 40%.
RSA is not liable for product or substrate failure where the LRV of the tinted texture protective coating is under 40%.