Render Systems

Our unique systems combine creativity and durability with an array of inspirational colour and finish options.

Bling Coarse

Bling Coating System

Render + Coloured Bling Texture

The Bling Coarse system is a high quality coloured texture render system that emits a beautiful natural shimmer. Further enhance this fantastic investment with RSA Cleanskin and admire your work of art for years to come.

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Decorative Texture

Protected Finish System

Render + Texture + Protective Coating

These render system products are made with only the highest quality sand, quartz and stone. Multiple protective layers not only look amazing, but provide security against the ingress of water, protect your substrate and can be easily over-coated.

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Render Only

Render / Paint System

Render + Protective Coating

Create a smooth, sandy finish with this cement render system. Shield your render from the elements with a Rapid Shield Matt tinted coating for superior crack bridging and overall protection of the surface.

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Coloured Roll-on

Membrane Paint Coatings

Colour + Protective Coating

An aesthetically pleasing, yet economical membrane paint coating that is applied directly over the existing substrate.

Your desired colour can be further enhanced using a protective coating.

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When choosing a protective coating for application over any EPS substrate, the colour section must achieve a Light Reflectance Value (LRV) of greater than or equal to 40%. RSA is not liable for product or substrate failure where the LRV of the tinted texture protective coating is under 40%.

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