Application Guidelines

Always read the Technical Data Sheets and Application Guidelines for Render Systems Australia products prior to use. Application Guidelines include substrate preparation and product application information for your reference.

RSA Coating Systems

AAC Lightweight Panel 
AAC Lightweight Blocks
Previously Painted Surfaces
Concrete and Low Porosity Substrates
Blue Board Sheeting (Fibre Cement)
Insitu Concrete Formwork
M Grade Expanded Polystyrene System (EPS)
Masonry Substrates
NRG M Grade Greenboard

RSA Bling Coarse System

Bling Coarse System – Various Surfaces and Substrates

Various Substrates

RSA Cleanskin (Protective Coating)
RSA Rapid Shield Matt
(Protective Coating)
RSA Set & Prep Multi-Purpose Adhesive – Various Substrates

Cleaning and Maintenance

General Cleaning and Maintenance – Various Substrates
Cleaning and Maintenance – Rendered and Textured Walls


When choosing a protective coating for application over any EPS substrate, the colour section must achieve a Light Reflectance Value (LRV) of greater than or equal to 40%.
RSA is not liable for product or substrate failure where the LRV of the tinted texture protective coating is under 40%.