Protective coatings for buildings

Completing your Render System

Now that you’ve chosen the final look, it’s important to protect your investment. We recommend the application of a protective coating on your render and texture that will not only enhance the finish, but also serve as a barrier to external contaminants.

Complete your render system with one of our speciality protective coatings, which are specifically formulated to protect the render and substrate.

The Products

RSA Cleanskin is a water based, clear acrylic coating that provides a protective and decorative finish over RSA Bling and Polysand 800 texture coatings and systems. Please refer to the RSA Cleanskin Application Guidelines for further information.

RSA Rapid Shield Matt is a high performance, 100% pure acrylic, exterior protective coating suitable for over coating both RSA masonry renders and acrylic textures. It helps to mask irregularities in the finished textures and has the added benefit of self priming, to greatly improve application efficiencies. Rapid Shield Matt is available in Light Base (LB), Mid Base (MB) and Ultra Deep Base (UDB) and can be tinted to any selected colour. Please refer to RSA Rapid Shield Matt Application Guidelines for further information.


When choosing a protective coating for application over any EPS substrate, the colour section must achieve a Light Reflectance Value (LRV) of greater than or equal to 40%.
RSA is not liable for product or substrate failure where the LRV of the tinted texture protective coating is under 40%.