Flexible Mineral Texture

RSA Flexible Mineral Texture is a final coating texture finish developed for hand application. The polymer modification of this product increases the flexibility which aids in the increased movement of polystyrene and fibre cement substrates.

The fibre reinforcement of the texture provides the render with excellent cracking control. This tough and durable product offers a scratch resistant final finish without priming before painting. It is suitable for internal and external use and has an improved formula for easier floating and finishing.

  • Efficient initial set time which can be brought back for quicker and easier floating
  • Extended hang time for greater productivity
  • Excellent adhesion to substrates
  • No VOC (odour)
  • Pre-mixed – simply add water
  • Polystyrene building substrates
  • AAC – as a final coating over AAC Supa flex
  • Concrete blocks
  • Concrete slab edges
  • Off form concrete
  • Concrete tilt panels
  • Cement Render
  • Fibre Cement Sheeting
  • Blue Board
  • Sound previously painted (acrylic) surfaces

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