Cement Renders

AAC Supa Flex

RSA AAC Supa Flex is a specialised render, particularly developed for lightweight cementitious substrates, including AAC blocks and panels. This render is fibre reinforced and contains a high polymer blend that provides extra flex for movement.

AAC Supa Flex has superior adhesion characteristics and an extended hang time for greater productivity. It also has excellent ‘come back’ qualities to ensure a smooth, level finish can be achieved.

This tough and durable product is also scratch resistant for both internal and external uses. This render also offers excellent crack control and a scratch resistant surface.

  • Fibre reinforced, high polymer blend for extra flexibility
  • Offers an efficient initial set time which can be brought back
  • Superior adhesion & early hardness for easier floating
  • Formulated for excellent crack control
  • Tough, durable, scratch resistant surface
  • Increased hang time for greater productivity
  • Pre-mixed – simply add water
  • AAC Panels
  • AAC Blocks

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