Cement Renders

Masonry Renders

RSA Masonry Renders are available in two different setting times. Available in either off-white or grey cement bases, this easy-to-use product is a polymer-modified render system that only requires the addition of potable (clean) water.

  • Masonry Render MR75 has a setting time of 75 minutes
  • Masonry Render MR120 has a setting time of 120 minutes

Masonry Renders are suitable for use masonry substrates such as clay bricks, off-form concrete, cement blocks and concrete slab-edges.

They consist of a non ‘tacky’ formulation that offers great trowelling ability and easier application. The render has great workability characteristics for easy floating, finishing and straightening for an even, level finish. They also offer superior tear resistance for easier screeding to ensure the render is evenly spread for a seamless finish.

  • Available in three different setting times to suit different climate conditions
  • Fully Compliant with AS1530.1 as a non-combustible building material
  • Provides an extended ‘hang time’ for greater productivity and high early hardness
  • Has great ‘straightening’ qualities and offers tear resistant screed-ability
  • Possesses excellent ‘come back’ qualities for easy floating and finishing
  • Excellent abrasion resistance after 72 hours when top coated
  • Pre-mixed formula– simply add water
  • Clay bricks
  • Off-form concrete
  • Concrete blocks
  • Concrete slab edges

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