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Set & Prep

RSA Set & Prep is a multipurpose cement-based building adhesive. This product is highly recommended for the fixing and adhering of PVC beading to substrates as it creates a superior bond to avoid lifting.

Set & Prep also provides a ‘key coat’ for difficult substrates as a jointing compound over fibre cement sheeting.

It also resists moisture ingress and alkalinity from penetrating the render, maintaining superior strength and integrity for longevity.

  • Allows the complete RSA coating system to be guaranteed
  • Ideal scratch coat over painted acrylic based surfaces
  • A multi-purpose preparation product ideal for difficult substrates to speed up application
  • Excellent abrasion resistance after 72 hours when top coated
  • Adhesive for PVC beads and subsequent render coats
  • Pre-mixed – simply add water
  • Polystyrene and AAC Hebel substrates (for bead and trim installations only)
  • Fibre cement sheeting (for bead and trim installations and joint patching)
  • Off-form concrete and concrete tilt panels
  • Clay bricks
  • Concrete blocks
  • Sound, previously painted, acrylic based surfaces
  • This product is not suitable for use over oil-based paints

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