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Patch Coarse

RSA Patch Coarse is a sand enhanced product that is used for general patching of imperfections. This is achieved by filling the defect in the concrete surfaces and then feathering out the edges. It can also be used as an alternative to RSA Set & Prep for patching joints with reinforcing mesh over FC sheeting. This is particularly relevant in situations where low build acrylic is applied as a finish.

Patch Coarse is not suitable for sanding and if a smoother or sanded finish is desired, allow Patch coarse to completely dry and over coat with Patch Smooth or Patch Fine.

  • Easy application
  • An alternative to RSA Set and Prep for patching joints
  • Effectively fills larger deviations and joint setting
  • Not suitable for sanding
  • Highly flexible, minimal shrinkage and excellent high build capabilities
  • Excellent base coat to create smooth & uniform foundations in preparation for priming and protective coatings
  • Previously painted surfaces
  • Fibre cement sheeting for patching joints
  • Concrete surfaces for general patching

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