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Patch Smooth

RSA Patch Smooth is used as a patching compound to fill defects that appear in concrete and masonry surfaces. Once the surface has been patched and the product has dried, it is then ready for application of a protective coating. In the case of severe defects, multiple coats of Patch Smooth can be applied.

It is easily sanded and can be polished with a steel towel for a ‘white set’ and glossy appearance internal finish.

Patch Smooth can also be used as an overcoat to Patch Coarse and Patch Fine applications if a smoother finish to the surface is required.

  • Effectively fills defects in concrete and masonry surfaces and can be ‘polished’ as an internal finish
  • Can be applied up to 4mm in a single application
  • Provides an excellent base coat to create a uniform foundation in preparation for priming and protective coatings
  • Can be used to overcoat RSA Patch Coarse and Patch Fine applications to produce a more suitable smooth finish.
  • Specifically designed as a filler to complement RSA Protective Coatings
  • Concrete surfaces; tilt ups and precast
  • Patching formwork ceilings and soffits
  • Can be used as a highly sand-able topcoat over Patch Coarse and Patch Fine on in-situ formwork and fibre cement sheeting

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