Flexirender (Untinted)

RSA Flexirender is a high-quality acrylic-based, sand enhanced product. This unique product can be used as both a base coat and finishing coat. Flexirender is ideal for use on FC sheeting and painted surfaces and is not designed to be tinted.

It offers a highly flexible base coat system with outstanding properties to receive RSA trowel on texture coatings. With excellent adhesion to properly prepares substrates, it will provide a flatter and higher quality finish.

  • Flexible, overcoming shrinkage and minor cracking associated with cement renders
  • Provides an extended ‘hang time’ allowing the plasterer to achieve a seamless finish
  • Optional single coat finish (up to 2.5mm) over FC sheeting
  • Offers excellent adhesion to all properly prepared substrates
  • Can be used as a base or a top coat
  • Non-flammable
  • Acrylic and cement-based renders (as a finishing coat)
  • Fibre cement sheeting and Gyprock plasterboard
  • Slab edge, off-form and tilt panel concrete
  • Stable painted surfaces
  • Clay cricks and concrete blocks
  • AAC Hebel

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