Cement Renders

LitePak Render

RSA LitePak Render is a cement-based combined dry powder render that is ideal for pumpable spray machines and trowel applications on a range of substrates. It is a lightweight and high build render that is ideal for ‘’packing out’’ slab edges and for use on uneven masonry surfaces.

LitePak Render achieves excellent results over difficult and uneven masonry surfaces and offers the advantage of being able to be trowelled on in smooth and thick layers of up to 15mm in a single coat.

The polymer modification in LitePak Render achieves a superior adhesive bond to masonry surfaces.

  • Ideal for packing out and for uneven masonry surfaces
  • Can be trowelled on in smooth, thick layers
  • Polymer modified for excellent bond to masonry surfaces
  • Achieves a high build in a single pass
  • Can be coated with a tinted RSA texture system
  • Pre-Mixed – Simply add water
  • Bricks
  • AAC
  • Concrete blocks
  • Concrete slab edges
  • Off form concrete
  • Concrete tilt panels
  • Cement Render

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