Technical Data Sheets

Always read the Technical Data Sheets and Application Guidelines for Render Systems Australia products prior to use. Technical Data Sheets include technical and application data, plus transport and storage information for your reference. Refer to the Safety Data Sheet page for all health and safety information.

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Cement Renders

RSA Masonry Render MR60 TDS

RSA Masonry Render MR75 TDS

RSA Masonry Render 120  TDS

RSA Masonry Render Quick Float Coarse TDS

RSA Masonry Render Coarse – Grey TDS

RSA EP Render – Grey TDS

RSA EP Render – Off-White TDS


RSA LitePak Render TDS

RSA Set & Prep TDS



RSA Bling Coarse TDS

RSA Flexirender TDS

RSA Flexible Mineral Texture TDS

RSA Marble Texture TDS

RSA Polysand 800 TDS

RSA Polysand Fine TDS

RSA Trowel On 2mm TDS

RSA Textureit Roll-On-Coating TDS


Protective Coatings

RSA Rapid Shield Matt TDS

RSA Cleanskin TDS

Primers, Sealers and Patches

RSA Patch Smooth TDS

RSA Patch Coarse TDS

RSA Patch Fine TDS

RSA Render Bond TDS

RSA Multi-Prime TDS

RSA QT Lite Base TDS



When choosing a protective coating for application over any EPS substrate, the colour section must achieve a Light Reflectance Value (LRV) of greater than or equal to 40%.
RSA is not liable for product or substrate failure where the LRV of the tinted texture protective coating is under 40%.